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Saturday, 26 June 2010

So What Is The Best/Easiest Way To Make Money Online?

Let’s try something different. Perhaps a collective effort of some sort. I want to know what you think is the best way to make money online. What really works well to bring in a substantial amount of income (at least in your own experience).

There are a great variety of ways to make money on the internet. Sometimes far too much than is really necessary.

A serious beginner needs to wade through an incredible amount of information before he/she knows what works and what doesn’t.

Then again, everyone has a different threshold and level of knowledge. How far do you want to go, in order to make money online? What do you know about the different ways of doing so? What have you personally tried?

That’s also why its fun and educational to learn from people with different experiences and backgrounds. So instead of just hearing from me on this topic, I’ll open this up to everyone who reads Dosh Dosh by doing a group meme or survey.
Survey Topic: What’s the Best Way to Make Money Online?

If someone came up to you and said that they wanted to know the best way to make money on the internet. What would you tell him or her?
Let’s imagine that the individual in question is eager and willing to learn what is needed for real results.

By best, I mean the method that brings the greatest amount of potential income, while being practical, cost-effective and do-able. I know a great deal depends on the individual skill levels and interest, so it can be quite difficult to provide a fix-all solution that is suitable for everyone.

I would suggest focusing on what you personally think, feel or know is the best way to earn money online. Elaborate a little on the general steps you think someone should take to successfully utilize the method you’ve suggested. Imagine you’re talking to a friend who trusts your opinion and experiences.
Reasons Why I’m Doing This Group Survey

There are several reasons why I am doing this exercise. First of all, I am curious about what you all think about the topic matter. Not everyone reading Dosh Dosh is a blogger and many are entrepreneurs, small business owners and marketers, so the response should be interesting and useful.

Secondly, this is a good way to give some exposure for everyone. Many of you have been leaving comments regularly, visiting the site daily or promoting it on social media websites. Some have also been subscribed to Dosh Dosh for a long time too. I really do appreciate all the support.

This is a way of saying thanks, by sending you some traffic and visitors. Dosh Dosh gets a decent number of daily visitors and over time, that could translate into a fair amount of traffic and free publicity for you.

To participate in this group discussion, you simply need to address the survey topic by either leaving a comment or writing a blog post.

Everyone who leaves a comment will have their opinion listed within this or a new article itself, with a link to your website (if you have one). If you write a new blog post referencing this article, you’ll get a link to your blog post as well.

Having said that, there are six basic rules you need to follow:

1. Comment Length. Your comment should be at least a few paragraphs long. No witty one-liners, please. The reason for this is because I want to encourage everyone to add value and hence, generate something that’s useful for everyone. There’s plenty to write about and you don’t have to feel inhibited or shy here. Just go ahead and share what you think is absolutely the best way to make money online.

2. Write a Thoughtful Comment. Your comment will be viewed by many readers (over tens of thousands eventually) and I’m sure you want to brand yourself and show your best side. Spend some time to think about what you’re going to write and be sure to edit your copy for grammar/spelling mistakes. This is for your own benefit; I’m quite that visitors will prefer to check out the person behind a well written and insightful comment.

3. Leave Your Name, Please. Instead of leaving your URL or site name, leave your comment in this format: John – Dosh Dosh (name – site name). This makes it easier to reference and its more friendly too. I don’t really fancy comments with keyword or brand names because I don’t know who I’m talking to. Yes, this also means no anonymous comments too. Use a fake name if you must.

4. No External Links. I don’t really like deleting external links left by readers, especially when they point to to shady or spam sites so I’m going to institute a no-links policy for comments across the board. Please do not insert any links to any site in your comments. Of course, if you write a blog post, you can link to anything you want, within it.

5. Site URLs. I won’t be linking to poker, porn or pills and any other site which I deem to be really offensive. I would also prefer to not have any affiliate landing pages as well. This isn’t a free for all so do not use unsuitable urls.

6. Don’t Over Promote. It’s perfectly fine to talk about your own experiences or sites but please don’t use this as a chance to sell your services or products. This isn’t really the place for you to do so. Keep your comments on topic and relevant. Excessively promoting your own site will just make you look bad.

I’ll put up the comments as and when I receive them either in this post or a new article. I will probably close this post soon depending on the number of entries received, so that it won’t be too long or difficult to read.

Alright, have fun sharing!


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