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Monday, 8 June 2009


Chris Cobb, the author of CPA Arbitrage up until recently used to earn his living online being an affiliate marketer mainly selling Clickbank products. He quickly jumped ship when he discovered the world of CPA.

What is CPA Arbitrage?

In short, CPA ( stands for Cost Per Action) is a means for major multibillion dollar companies to attract new customers. They accomplish this by hiring Network companies ( CPA Networks) to advertise for them and each cutomer who signs up attracts a payment from the advertising company. CPA Network companies on the other hand need people to promote these advertisements for a cut of the traffic generated. This is where you come in. You promote the ad and if a client signs up through your promotion efforts, you get a commission. The more customers you sign up the more you earn.

What is the big deal?

Quite simply, its this….Chris teaches you step by step methods through the use of an e-book and over his shoulder videos how to attract these customers driving them to the advertisements in droves and by simply entering their name or email or zip code earns you a commission. The customers on the other hand do not have to pay a cent or purchase any products from the company so the sign up conversion rate is very high. It is purely a lead generation tactic so these companies can in the long run hope to convert each client into a paying customer. You make money in the meantime.

How exactly does Chris drive the customers to sign up?

In the e-book, he explains in detail each step he uses to accomplish this. He encourages you to use readily available free tools through out the web to promote your ads. I thought this was a big plus. He does however use paid tools as well but only when you have made money to then re-invest into your business. The paid tools catapults your efforts and returns on your investment.

What strategy if any does he use?

In the e-book and step by step videos, he goes on in great detail outlining 5 unique ways you can profit easily. My first impressions were that the strategies were too good to be true to make any conversions. They were easy enough to put into action but the fact is, you still have to put in the effort to carry out each step for you to make money. The great thing is that you only have to put one strategy into action to start making money. He encourages promoting all five methods to generate the traffic and create passive multiple sources of income for you. This is the best part of the whole system. You work hard once to build the traffic and get paid multiple times over and over again.


I have tried very hard to be critical in my assessment of the CPA Arbitrage program. The fact is, I have failed miserably as you may have gathered. I can hardly contain my excitement about this product. On that note, I will admit my point of view is completely skewed however I would suggest you find out for yourself. For more info. click here now

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