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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Do you guarantee your products or services?

Do you guarantee your products or services?

If not, why not? I’ll guarantee you are making a BIG mistake if not.

Providing a rock solid guarantee to your customers is one of the easiest ways to overcome TWO innate characteristics we all posses - scepticism and inertia.

If someone is sceptical about what you say - that quite simply ‘they don’t believe you’! And on top of that - when we are about to make a purchase we all have an inbuilt resistance to actually pulling out our credit card or cash and confirming that purchase.

And this applies to EVERYTHING!

Whether it’s buying a new TV (with the whizz bang picture), buying a new camera, buying a bicycle, a house, a car, a HAIRCUT, or anything else.

This innate scepticism and inertia accounts for a BIG portion of the people that show interest in what you have but don’t actually buy it.

So how do you overcome these two little challenges?


One of the easiest weapons in your arsenal is a simple guarantee! Simply guarantee your customers that what you sell will do what it is supposed to.

And if not, they can bring it back.

MOST companies HAVE to do this ANYWAY!!!


So… You might as well use it to your advantage and make it BLATANTLY obvious that you do guarantee what you do.

Not only will it help overcome scepticism and inertia but it will also give you a BIG advantage over your competition.

If you had two identical products lined up, one guaranteed, one not, which you would go for? In fact, if you had two identical products lined up, one slight more expensive than the other BUT guaranteed…

Which would you go for???

A guarantee WILL increase your sales - no question.

And if you are SCARED to offer one because of returns, consider this:

1. The boost in sales will outweigh returns in nearly ALL cases.

2. If it doesn’t - you’ve got a BIGGER problem which needs to be fixed. And I don’t CARE what you sell… Makes NO ODDS!

You CAN guarantee it somehow.

If you’re confused as to how, post a comment here and I’ll give you some ideas.


And let me know what happens…

Dedicated to your success,


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