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Sunday, 14 June 2009

"Shocking Internet Investigation Reveals The Truth Behind Clickbank!"

If you've been looking for a legitimate work at home opportunity, read this press release because it will save you months of trial, error and will save you thousands of pounds!

Over the past 6 months I have investigated work at home programmes including, Clickbank going behind the scenes posing as buyers.

142 programs have been put to the test, tried each of them to find out what the real value of each program is. Our goal for each site investigation was to determine how they measured up to my 5 point investigation.

The investigations reveal:

Return On Investment (ROI)
Monthly Residual Income
Easily Duplicate-able Program
Customer Service
Customer Data Privacy

After each investigation I assignED a value from 1-10 for each point listed above. Then an overall score would be given to the website in the form of 1-10 as well. (1 a scam and 10 being the best work at home program)

The Results Are In...

The Shocking Truth Is That 102 Of The Websites Were Scams!

Some of what was in these sites were:

They Didn't Make Any Money

Little Or No Customer Support

Very Hard To Setup or Even Impossible

Out Of Date Information

Some Were Even Just Plan Out Scams! (No content at all)

And that's just to start! I can go on and on about how bad (most) of these sites were.Buy for now, I'm sure you get the idea.

So, what's the truth?

The truth is that the hopes and dreams of the honest hard working people making a better life for themselves trying to work at home, have fallen victim to these work at home opportunities online. From our investigation we found that 15% of the average middle class are spending about £500 per year on work at home scams.

Maybe you're a victim too? If so, I know how you feel as I was once in your shoes too. I'll be honest with you, just last year, I myself was a victim of a work at home scam. I spent thousands of dollars on these programs.I now do everything I can to make sure others won't fall victim to scams like I did and to save people time and money by showing them what really works. That bring me to my next point...

I Have Good News!

Out of 142 websites investigated 102 of them were scams. It sounds really bad that most of these sites were scams, doesn't it? It is bad for all of the people who joined those scams without finding the good ones.

But the good news is that 40 of the sites investigated were not scams! Meaning they passed our 5 point check. (To pass the 5 point check each site must get rated a minimum of 50 points per completed investigation.)

So at this point in the investigation 40 sites passed.I wanted to take this to another level and dig even deeper to not only find the program that was "Scam Free" but to discover what were the best work at home programs. To do this I went to each of the programmes members themselves!

So combing our results the investigation with now digging in deeper and finding the members with the most success.I've now found 3 sites that are the top sites out of 142 work at home programs investigated. And nowI've putmy seal of approval on them.

First of all I can guarantees that the program is not a scam. It guarantees that you can start working at home very quickly using the content provided by the websites. Meaning anyone can join the site, read the content and begin to make money online. Quick.. And Easy..

And now, I'm very happy to announce our two 3 work at home sites...

The 3 Sites Listed Below Have
my Seal Of Approval...

Approved Website #1 - Money Siphon Go to

Money Siphon System Leaked Chapter Part 1 Here is a leaked video preview of module 1 of the Money Siphon System by Jonny Andrews. Be sure to also watch part 2 and then go to affiliate marketing money siphon system Jonny Andrews

Money Siphon System Leaked Chapter Part 2
This is part 2 of Jonny Andrews Money Siphon System leaked chapter. Be sure to visit

Return On Investment (ROI) - If you need to create guaranteed, fast income, then this is the website for you. One of our investigators earned £424 in just 6 hours of setting up this system. So, this one program really stood out to us.
Monthly Residual Income - The great thing about Autopilot Profits, is that after you set up the system, your monthly income is literally automatic. So once you join, you work once, and get paid over and over again!

Easily Duplicate-able Program - From what we found, out of 141 other programs, this was bar none one of the most easy system to setup I've ever seen. All you do is follow the system, and get paid for it.

Customer Service - The support department for this company was great. We lost our password at one time, and they sent us a reply within 12 hours.

Customer Data Privacy - We didn't receive any spam or anything like that from this company what so ever. The privacy of the company is really good.

Approved Website #2 - Twitter Traffic Go To

Return On Investment (ROI) - Here's another great program. It's been around for a few months and they have TONS of success stories. Made back our investment the same day, so this is a must see site!
Monthly Residual Income - This program is based on multiple streams of income, so the residual income is great from the site. Nearly as strong as the first site,so you should be able to make a quick buck or two from it.

Customer Service - Support is good for the site, but took about 2 day's. Would have liked a bit sooner, but still ok.

Customer Data Privacy - I didn't receive any spam or anything like that from this company what so ever. The privacy of the company is really good

Approved Website #3 - Surveys Company Go To

Return On Investment (ROI) - The base of this system is to follow the strategy of the internet marker of the year. That is who made this program. It's a great system in it self, and we did earn money from it. Only down side is, you have to wait for it to come in the mail.
Monthly Residual Income - If you use the system every month, you can make residual income most months. But you must work it. Unlike the other sites, where it's set and forget. Still good, just not as good.

Easily Duplicate-able Program - It's fairly easy to run the system. Watch a video and follow it from there. Me myself, I like the members areas of the other sites better. As you don't have to take notes. Other then needing to take notes, it's still a good program.

Customer Service - The support, can use some improvement. It took 3 day's to get a reply. Not horrible, but the other sites were better.

Customer Data Privacy - We didn't receive any spam or anything like that from this company what so ever. The privacy of the company is really good.

I hope you've found this review to be helpful.

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